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Individual Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, & children



Most adults are busy managing the stress of their daily lives. Financial hardship, family demands, and medical issues often leave little time to assess and attend to their emotional well-being. Adults tend to ignore their general unhappiness, whether it is related to past or present circumstances. Chronic symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, and apathy can be the motivation to seek help. These symptoms may be related to:

     Job or relationship dissatisfaction ~ anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks ~ depression ~ trauma ~ divorce/remarriage ~ general parenting issues
     parenting a special needs child ~ bereavement ~ addiction and compulsive behaviors ~ stress or anger management 


Adult Children of Alcoholics

Individuals who grew up with an alcoholic parent can benefit from psychotherapy specifically tailored to help them understand the family dynamics of their youth and how their beliefs and attitudes were shaped by that experience. My work with adult children of alcoholics includes teaching better communication and coping skills, self-care and boundaries, as well as healing from emotional pain that may have originated in childhood. This treatment often brings greater satisfaction in the individuals' relationships and an overall sense of peace.


Adults In Recovery

Those in recovery from addiction to drugs, alcohol, or behaviors often find that psychotherapy provides additional support and skills to navigate life's stresses.